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The EveryVet's team is raising money to purchase a custom-built trailer (the final trailer will be slightly larger than the one pictured) that will have multiple uses.

Firstly, we will use the trailer to conduct a ‘Backyard Blitz’ style program for the community. We will do one-off property repair, maintenance, and minor construction projects for those less fortunate in the community, especially veterans or widows of veterans. The trailer will have interior shelving to hold tools such as lawn mowers, whipper snippers, drills etc, which we are also raising money for. We would like to thank to Bunnings in West Ipswich for the donation of some tools to get us started!

Secondly, we will use the trailer for veteran camping trips. The trailer will be able to have the interior shelving removed to allow for it to be filled with swags and other camping gear to allow us to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We will have the capacity to put canoes or other adventure craft on top.


As well as these uses, the trailer will also be of benefit to Everyman's Rep’s during major military exercises, such as at Shoalwater Bay, where it will be utilized to carry stores and supplies for caring for the troops in the field. This will mean that less time will be spent doing resupply runs in local shopping centres which can take up a whole day of travelling in and out of the training areas and large amounts of time spent shopping.

Other features of the trailer will be a pull-out BBQ for sausage sizzles during our activities, fridge, battery bank and solar panels. Side awnings on the side of the trailer will give us a place to rest out of the sun and will feature additional side walls to make an enclosed space for sleeping in.  

If you would like to donate to the purchase of the trailer or for the completion of our tool set, you can do so at:

Please specify that you wish the money to go to the EveryVet's Trailer project.

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